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Forex Signals

Forex Signals

6 reasons to choose our Forex Trading Signals Service

seo15Trading signals with profits over
• 9% monthly in 2012
• 5% monthly in 2013 *
• 5% monthly in 2014
• and 38 consecutive months on the plus side
More than 240 subscribers to the Forex Trading Signals Service, from which 91% (year 2013), 82% (year 2014) and 86% (year 2015)  have renewed their subscriptions.
Thousands of views on our YouTube Channel.

*considering the same trade risk from 2012

circular76The Forex Signals are our own signals, we are not broker dealers, we don’t sell trading signals from other providers and you can check this on the detailed Monthly Reports and the Public Statements.

online Many of our Forex Trading Signals (where possible) come with charts and free additional explanations in real time. Mainly the daily forex charts analysis are very detailed. Even when there are no trading signals, real time charts comments are often sent with our thoughts or a deepening of our Forex Strategies. In addition, there is the Live Online Training Conference with Technical Analysis and Training.

handshake1this is not an automated service, you have a direct contact with our customer support and with a Reference Trader with their personal email address. The service is 100% transparent. You can ask for clarification or suggestions. In Trading signals or Forex Charts where you often want advice. You can receive the Signals to your email address or by SMS.

shield114BestForexSignals.Net is one of the few sites that Grants a Refund Satisfaction Guarantee. We will refund within 24 hours of your request. If other sites do not offer this guarantee, ask yourself why!

Read the PayPal Purchase Protection

man271NO scalping or daytrading. The service is designed to be followed by anyone. On average, only 15 minutes daily. Almost all trades have integrations or changes once a day at the most. Where more attention is needed you get the alert at the beginning of the month so you know day and time beforehand.

garantee forex signals

Statements & MyFxBook

Year 2018
1st Quarter 2018  +6,19%
2st Quarter 2018  +3,36%
3st Quarter 2018 +9,41%
4st Quarter 2018   +5,93%

Detailed Monthly Report 2016 ⇒

Year 2017
1st Quarter 2017  +19,07%
2st Quarter 2017  +17,66%
3st Quarter 2017 +4,01%
4st Quarter 2017   +13,97%

Detailed Monthly Report 2016 ⇒

Year 2016
January 2016   +6%
February 2016   +2,40%
March 2016   +4,87%
April 2016   -1,01%
May 2016   -0,18%
June 2016   -0,04%
July 2016   +0,03%
August 2016   -2,85%
September 2016   -2,27%
October 2016   +2,12%
November 2016   +6,68%

Detailed Monthly Report 2016 ⇒

Year 2015
January 2015   +19,74%
February 2015   +7,20%
March 2015   +13,05%
April 2015   -1,65%
May 2015   +0,75%
June 2015   +2,65%
July 2015   -2,25%
August 2015   +3,75%
September 2015   +4,85%
October 2015   +6,60%
November 2014   -2,80%
December 2014   +4,25%

Detailed Monthly Report 2015 ⇒

Year 2014
January 2014   +10,15% (+74 pips)
February 2014   +7,44% (+41 pips)
March 2014   +8,63% (+170 pips)
April 2014   +1,20% (+168 pips)
May 2014   +14,67% (+549 pips)
June 2014   +7,20% (+85 pips)
July 2014   +8,35% (+88 pips)
August 2014   +0,65% (+20 pips)
September 2014   +0,77% (+47 pips)
October 2014   -5,73% (+333 pips)
November 2014 +14,55% (+127 pips)
December 2014   +0,40%

Detailed Monthly Report 2014 ⇒

Year 2013
January 2013   +6,20% (+521 pips)
February 2013   +6,70% (+543 pips)
March 2013   +5,25% (+610 pips)
April 2013   +2,60% (+306 pips)
May 2013   +2,53% (+375 pips)
June 2013   +3,31% (+774 pips)
July 2013   +0,56% (+151 pips)
August 2013   +0,20% (+89 pips)
September 2013   +0,89% (+259 pips)
October 2013   +0,47% (+64 pips)
November 2013   -1,22%
December 2013 +5,73%

Detailed Monthly Report 2013 ⇒

Year 2012
January 2012   +10,6% (+1715 pips)
February 2012   +12,8% (+1598 pips)
March 2012   +6,3% (+817 pips)
April 2012   +8,8% (+1228 pips)
May 2012   +11,4% (+1126 pips)
June 2012   +0,21% (+12 pips)
July 2012   +7,2% (+810 pips)
August 2012   +0,68% (+44 pips)
September 2012   +15,2% (+1845 pips)
October 2012   +9,8% (+1221 pips)
November 2012   +16,7% (+1492 pips)
December 2012   +11,1% (+891 pips)

Detailed Monthly Report 2012 ⇒

Why these results?

businessman250BestForexSignals.net was born from independent Traders from around the world (also banking and fund advisers) who replicate their accounts and really live from trading.

person59An Independent Trader is a person who really lives from trading. Not by selling courses, books, eBooks or brokers affiliations. That’s the reason why you will not find advertising on this site.

Our Mission

objectiveThe Mission of this Service is to provide quality training and information in order to provide the user with the right direction in a fascinating world, but where parts of most of the information and services are theoretical (and revolve around goals), and not from people who actually have a good performance. We’ve made the same journey before you now, and know well the confusion related to choosing the right way and the frustration generated by repeated failures.
• We are not Brokers that “attract” people, who promise trading signals in order to open an account with them
• We do not sell “abstract” services (without historical reports) with continue advertising from our broker or our eBooks or training courses to attract with “fake” signals and win with “parallel channels”
It is ONLY a service of Forex Trading Signals with training and educational goals. If the signals were not of quality it would be meaningless for us to be here.

Forex Trading Signals Briefing since the beginning of the service (2012 (private) – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016)

Initial Capital 2012 €12,512.01 / Current Capital €277.418,88

Please click on each month to see the report with the trades

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual Total Monthly Average
2012 +10,6 +12,80 +6,30 +8,80 +11,40 +0,21 +7,20 +0,68 +15,20 +9,80 +16,70 +11,10 +211,24% +9,98%
2013 +6,20  +6,70 +5,25 +2,60 +2,53 +3,31 0,56 0,20 0,89 0,47 -1,22 +5,73 +38,35% +2,77%
2014 +10,15 +7,44 +8,63 +1,20 +14,67 +7,20 +8,35 0,65 0,77 -5,73 +14,55 0,40 +89,78% +5,69%
2015 +19,74 +7,20 +13,05 -1,65 +0,75   +2,65  -2,25 +3,75 +4,85 +6,60 -2,80 +4,25  +69,53%  +4,68%
2016 +6,00 +2,40 +4,87 -1,01 -0,18 -0,04 +0,03 -2,85 -2,27 +2,12 +6,68


Detailed Analysis

Year 2012

  • Leverage: 1:100
  • Trade Average Risk: 1,12%
  • Monthly Average Profit: 9,98%
  • Year Profit (Cumulative): : 211,24%
  • Risk / Trade Average Performance: 1 / 2,6
  • Initial Capital: 15.512,01 EUR
  • Ending Balance: 35,675,21 EUR
  • Maximum Drawdown: 7,8% (1.550,64 EUR)

Year 2013

  • Leverage: 1:50-1:100
  • Trade Average Risk: 0,48%
  • Monthly Average Profit: 2,77%
  • Year Profit (Cumulative): : 38,35%
  • Risk / Trade Average Performance: 1 / 2,1
  • Initial Capital: 47.315,35 EUR
  • Ending Balance: 65.460,80 EUR
  • Maximum Drawdown: 2,20% (1.199,98 EUR)

Year 2014

  • Leverage: 1:50-1:100
  • Trade Average Risk: 1,23%
  • Monthly Average Profit: 5,69%
  • Year Profit (Cumulative): : 90,55%
  • Risk / Trade Average Performance: 1 / 2,6
  • Initial Capital: 73.822,97 EUR
  • Ending Balance: 140.669,67 EUR
  • Maximum Drawdown: 6,37% (8.147,20 EUR)

Why are 2102 performances higher than on following years?

In 2012 we started with low capitals, in the following years we increased them and with the increase of the capital invested decreases the trade risk, so the performance percentage.

If with €10,000 the risk represents 3-5% of the trade, with €100,000 to have a risk of 1% is considered an “aggressive” trading.

Therefore the performance’s percent yield decreases but the profit in euros increases.

Why is it that until 2014 the reports were published in Excel and not in official statements?

To simplify the understanding of the performance, we have simulated every month starting with a capital of €10,000 and attached to the shared subscribers trades that are actually replicated in our accounts on different platforms and not just one.

It would have been more complex for a visitor to understand the performance looking at more statements.

Since December 2014 we try to publish official statements to maintain a full report that would unify all trades, it should be easier to understand the performances and also be “transparent” at the same time.

If I sum all the months in the table above I get a lower amount than the annual total stated, why is that?

The annual total is “cumulative”.

This means that if I start with an amount of €10,000 and during the first months my profit is +10%, the total amount reaches €11,000.
If the next month my profit is 10% again I don’t get €12,000 but €12,100 because we obtained a 10% over €11,000 and not over the initial €10,000.

     ⇒ Read Others FAQs here

paypal protection
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okForex Trading Signals

okFuture Signals (Optional)

okDirect Contact with the Trader

okPersonal Questions

okOnline Live Conferences

ok1 Hour of free Coaching!

ok20% discount in private lessons, courses and strategies

/ year

1.164€   (-50% a saving of 567€!)

okForex Trading Signals

okFuture Signals (Optional)

okDirect Contact with the Trader

okPersonal Questions

okOnline Live Conferences

ok1 Hour of free Coaching!

ok50% discount in private lessons, courses and strategies

All prices are including VAT. No additional costs. You can pay by Paypal, bank transfer or money order.

Tip: Which subscription should I choose?

Quarterly Subscription:
It is the most requested subscription by the new subscribers. By having a direct contact with the Trader, you learn more, you also get long-term signals (weekly and monthly charts) and you save €94 every 3 months.
There is also the special offer of a 20% discount on private lessons and strategies.

Annual Subscription:
It is the most comprehensive, educational and the one with the best price.
If you’ve decided that following a Forex Signal Service will be a part of your financial planning, we recommend this subscription.
You receive all the trading signals, also the long term CFD.
In addition to having direct contact with the Trader, you can even request personalized advice on markets, your personal portfolio, the lessons, etc.
Furthermore, one hour of private coaching one-to-one and a 50% discount on Strategies and Courses.
91% of those registered in 2013 and 83% in 2014 renewed their subscriptions more than once and 45% of annual subscribers have subscribed at least one year. Starting immediately with a 50% discount a year they would have saved more than €500.

Monthly Subscription:
Select this subscription only if you want to try the way to follow the signals or understand how the service works.
If you’ve decided to follow a forex signal service we recommend choosing at least a quarterly subscription, because a month’s results are not quite significant when it comes to financial investments. One month may be positive, negative or neutral, but has no statistical value, each investment activity should be valued in the medium to long term.
The quarterly subscription costs more but has yet Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund and you can save €94 in three months.

In any case please remember that any trading activity is evaluated in the medium to long term of 3-6 months at least, they are investments and not “monthly income”. It is therefore advised to see this as a “project” and not as a formula to “get rich immediately”.


Get a quarterly or annual subscription until January 31 and receive a FREE ONE HOUR OF COACHING with one of our Traders!You can inquire about our strategies, trading ideas or your personal portfolio.

Do not miss this opportunity!Countdown: 

For the duration of this promotion!

All subscriptions have our “Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund”.

Try it and if you can not follow the signals or the service is not as expected you get your money back!

paypal protection
I also wanted to congratulate you, I follow you since May and it is the only service that I'm making money with. Sometimes a lot, sometimes little, if any loss, but knowing this trading world, I know it is normal. For now it is the only service that is making me make money!! Please continue like this! thanks! Antonio
Antonio B. - Verbania - ITALY
I followed the analysis and free conferences for months (if not a year), I was skeptical given past experience with services that promised things that were not kept. I am a subscriber since January and for the first time in six years I'm positive after 6 months of trading. As soon as I can I will also follow the managed accounts. THANKS!!
Fabio Perin - Cologno Monzese - ITALY
Thank you. The service works well for me. It would be nice to have (as it happens every so often) the charts with timeframe, entry point sl and tp to be able to manage with the present trading. Obviously if this damages the spreading speed of the trade, better not. Thank you Giorgio
Giorgio P. - Vicenza - ITALY
CONGRATULATIONS on the best performance so far. Not just because the performance in May, but from what I've gotten since December, when I subscribed to the signals. I'm spreading the word of mouth among friends about your service's generosity! Thank you.
Giovanni D.S. - Modena - ITALY
I admit I'm testing various services of signals and strategies learned in courses (priced in thousands of euros) simultaneously. I'm a subscriber since mid-October here and is TOTALLY a service with the best results of all, it stands out from many .. and the only one on the positive side after 4 months. I'm recommending it to friends. But not only this, also the videos and the information is invaluable, and of great help! Thanks from the bottom of my heart Giuseppe
Giuseppe P. - Varese - ITALY
I thank you too for the effective and complete service you provide. For two years I've been following the exchange world and I must admit that seeing live trading being performed by professional traders plus their advice helps a lot to grow! Keep it up!
Ivo L.
Hello, I believe the service is excellent, and the signals are clear and precise! I've been using it recently, I like the service and the site gives the information necessary for the valuation of the job!!! I would humbly give some advice, you can maybe give more room for the management of positions, recapitulating more often the existing trades and their levels, with updates highly appreciated I think by the users!!
Davide Tirone - Asti - ITALY
Good evening, I consider this to be a very meritorious, accurate and simple to understand service signals. Thank you and have a good Sunday
Fabio Sabatini - Roma - ITALY
Hi, I think the service you provide is good and complete. I like the fact that you share your analysis and you motivate each trade very precisely. All this is a sign of professionalism. The only thing that I still have to understand is why the only month I closed in positive territory following your signals and the last ... In short, my performance does not match yours ... But I decided to trust you because I am aware that sometimes I can be wrong and especially because you do not seem to be like the fake vendors but professionals who want to share their work, obviously also for a profit. These emails are an example of professionalism I think ... So we expect to always get better results :-)
Federico C. - Rimini - ITALY
hello, you are doing well, my advice is to send a summary of open positions scheme on a daily basis, or waiting to be opened, completed with the many levels to monitor. I do this scheme you can see in the link below, to have it official would be a confirmation that everything is ok.http: //xxx/xxx.jpg Thanks for considering
Francesco Bistolfi - Genova - ITALY
After years of catastrophic approaches to trading, what's been accomplished by me until the paid signals, I finally found an accurate, reliable service and that made me finally win consistently. I have another job and little time to devote to trading and the service seems taylor made for me. I am a customer since 2 years ago and I am very satisfied. Keep on the good work! Thank you! Giorgio
Giorgio P. - Vicenza - ITALY
Thanks for the free coaching! it is only a week that I follow you but I have to say that the impression is absolutely positive, it seemed I've been speaking with different person from the rest, with clear ideas, concrete and easy to understand. thank you!!
Luca G.

If you do not want to waste time or money try our FOREX TRADING SIGNALS SERVICE and learn from professional traders!
The Forex Signals we offer to our subscribers can help them improve their performance. Create your profile today to receive trading signals and other Forex Training useful signals.

Forex is a popular trading activity for people interested in investments with a relatively manageable and controllable risk. If you want to become a better trader who really understands the world of changing valuations, do not miss our trading signals services. To all our subscribers we guarantee access to useful operational Forex signals that could help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of trading. Once you get a better knowledge of Forex, it will be easier for you to get a passive income on your investment portfolio. Our forex signals are created by professionals passionate about helping investors to learn as much as possible about this form of investment.

The project was born in 2011 from 4 professional traders with the desire to share in a private blog their trades and analysis. In 2012 it was opened to friends and acquaintances interested in learning the basics of forex trading and discover the thoughts and reasoning of “the backoffice” of those who live from this type of investment. With a “word of mouth” more people wanted to get this information, until in 2013 we decided to create a site open to the public, which is Segnaliforex.net, which now has over 100 subscribers, with the blog and the Youtube page having thousands of visitors a year.

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Forex Trading Signals — Disclaimer
The service is for information, the subscriber will receive charts with comments under the paid signals. They will get an hour of One on One free Coaching, or training conferences where we will explain the Forex Strategies used, what is the opening positions criteria and how to follow the Money Management principles.
Investments in Forex as in any financial environment involves risk, please read the full Disclaimer. Recommended trades are to be performed in demonstrative situations and are informative. We assume no responsibility for any losses in real situations.