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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a good budget to start?

If you are looking for a minimum budget to follow the service, there is no minimum, even €100 are enough. Forex allows you to do trades using micro lots and therefore have open several trades simultaneously risking few tenths of an euro.

If the question is the minimum budget to “cover” the cost of the service, this depends on the trading risk you want.

For example:
if in a month we make 5% profit with a medium risk in the trade of 1% it means doubling the risk we will have done almost 10%.
If you had €10,000 and risked 1% (ie €100) in the trade you should have had a profit of €500 (ie 5%).
But if you wanted to get started with €1,000 risking 1% in the trade (ie €10) you could have a profit of €50. But if you decide to risk 5% in the trade, the gain will also be 5 times higher (€250), as the potential losses as well (you would risk €50 in the trade)

Therefore there is no single solution, you must decide the capital and the risk you want to take, looking at our historical reports of gains and losses you will see it immediately.

Which broker do you recommend?

As explained elsewhere in the site, BestForexSignals.net is interested in maintaining the service clean from affiliations and/or advertising.
We do not recommend brokers because we are not affiliated with any. Generally, any broker that will follow these guidelines is good:

we recommend using brokers that allow the entry of micro lots (0.01 Volume or if in contracts that the minimum is 1,000 a lot of 100,000) and has a non-expiring demo, especially if you’re making your first experience on the field we particularly advise to start in demo and that the broker will not “rush” you to use real money.

For which market will I receive signals

You’ll receive signals for the Forex market, particularly cross with EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, NZD, CAD and AUD.

Generally we trade Futures and Forex. The strategies we teach and the managed accounts are also valid for the Futures.

Do I have to use a special platform or broker?

Absolutely no. If you already have a broker or trading platform you can start with that one.

The trading signals we send are replicable on any platform, taking into account the indications:

– Cross/Pair (Eur/Usd, Eur/Gbp, Gbp/Usd, etc..)
– Type of Signal (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit or Direct Buy or Sell Orders at Market)
– Trade price
– Stop Loss Price (protection)
– Profit Target Price

With this information you can replicate the trade with any broker. We suggest reading this page in the section “How to enter them in the platform”.

Where, how and how many signals will I receive?

You have a full and detailed answer for this in the “How it works” page in the “Where receipt signals” and “When and how many signals arrive” section.

If you have suggestions to improve this information please write to customer service. Thank you.

Will I receive updates on changes and closing of signals?

You have a full and detailed answer for this in the “How it works” page in the “Where receipt signals” and “When and how many signals arrive” section.

If you have suggestions to improve this information please write to customer service. Thank you.

At what time do the signals arrive?

Also for this please see “How it works” page in the “When and how many signals arrive” section.

The signals are based on automatic or discretionary strategies?

The signals are copied from our real operations, where we use more strategies.

There are semi automatic strategies, that is an Expert Advisor pointing a useful potential situation (but monitored by the responsible trader) and other manual strategies based on technical analysis or indicators.

All signals are monitored while at their origin they are also replicated trades in our accounts. And the semi automatic strategies are tested in real environments for at least 6 months after at least 10 years and 6 months backtest deepened demo.

Why in the signals aren't all the blog strategies shared?

The strategies that we share in the blog are for teaching purposes, we don’t use them all and not all the ones we use are shared in the blog.

On average we follow 6-10 strategies a year, based on the market cycle.

Of these we share only those that are easily replicable by everyone without stress.
In the past we have tried also to share fast strategies (intraday and semi scalping) but not everybody can follow suit equaling our performance. We want to maintain an easily shareable service.

Why there are entry lots so different in the reports? Sometimes 0.10 lots, sometimes 5 lots.

The risk management should be calculated as a percentage of capital and not in fixed lots, if I risk 10 lots with a 50 pips stop, is the same than risking 1 lot with a 500 pips stop. The lots thus balance the difference in the Stop, so to always risk the percentage we want (ie the value in Euro). To always have the same lots is wrong because Stops are not always equal.
Unless the strategy does not provide always the same stops, in our case we do not use more strategies. It is a losing trade in the 300 pips daily chart that can “alter” a whole month with 10 positive intraday trades of 30 pips each.
On the “How it works” page, in the “Risk and Money Management” section you find more about this and we recommend reading it.
In the homepage you find a link with more information.

How many pips to close a winning position and how many Stop Loss are there among your signals?

As anticipated in the previous question, the profit in pips and the stops are not fixed, each trade and strategy have a different planning of few pips for small trades and more in bigger trades in the larger charts.
If you want to understand how to manage risk (in euro) in trades, it is explained in simple formulas on the information pages for subscribers so you can know how much you are risking on each trade and how much you could gain.


Isn't a 2-3-4% per month a low performance?

Those who do not have much experience in this trading world and see sites that promise to double the capital in a few months, pose this legitimate question often.
But the experienced know that the simple fact of being “active” is a very rare condition that happens to less than 0.1% of people who enter this trading world.
To be able to achieve and keep an average yield of 3-5% per month each year is a well above average performance. Consider that in 2013 we used a risk profile of 0.5% in trading, about 2% in 2012 and 1% in 2014 and of 1.5% on average in 2015. The gain is always risk related, if you risk double you get double, but you can also lose twice. It is a decision that is based on the risk appetite that everyone has and on the principal that is being invested.
The professionals who make 5-10% on average each month are very few in the world. Given a 10% monthly gain you get €10,000 to €1,000,000 in four years, so 3-5% is not bad.

How much can I gain with this service?

First of all we have to say that the service can not give any guarantee and is especially advisable to start following it on a demo until you are capable of estimating accurately the risk in the trade and to manage your own Money Management.

Answering the question, here are some considerations:
1) Gains depend on the percentage of risk, if you risk twice than us, you will make twice than us (always considering logic and Money Management), but you could also lose twice than us.
2) The percentage of profit is calculated on invested capital.
For example: if I see that there is a maximum loss in historical reports of 5% (maximum loss) with a trade risk of a 1% (meaning that at most 5 consecutive operations were at a loss). If you have a capital of €10,000 and it is not a problem for you to lose €1,000 (10%) it means that you can risk 2% per trade, but in the unfortunate event of reaching the maximum loss of 5 consecutive loss operations, you would have lost 10%. And viceversa, if you do not like risk or have a big capital and prefer a risk of 0.5% per trade, you will have half the maximum risk and half of the gain.

That is why each of our reports indicate the percentage of risk we have had. If someone says they’ve done 5% one month is insignificant, it all depends if they did it risking 50% or 2% of the capital. If you want to do the calculation in euros, just look at our monthly performance (knowing that on average we risk 1% on each trade) and relate it to how much you want to risk. If you want to risk 5% per trade with an amount of €10,000 this means a risk of €500 per trade, if that month we make +5%, you actually do +25% (+ €2,500), if we lose 5% you lose 25% (€-2,500).

Why should I pick Segnaliforex.net instead of other sites?

Generally, the sites that provide trading signals are divided into 3 groups:
Sorry if we are a bit direct in explaining it, but we’ve also been deceived by them and want these things to disappear.

Group 1: no real gains in trading and seeks to “accumulate” customers with tricks.
Generally it has a nice website, speaks well, is convincing, shows any “rewards” or “recognition” or the like but does not show you the “real data”, that is historical reports that can be verified. It may also be that they did well in a contest or have a positive report in two or three months, but that is not the way to live from trading.
Also falling into this category those who show you any historical charts and not statements or verifiable sites as as MyFxBook sites.

Group 2: promises to give signals if you open an account with an affiliate broker.
The signs are fake, actually they make profits (and quite good) bringing customers to the broker. These can be sites, blogs or forums. Here again they do not show verifiable history.

Group 3: those who speaks with the facts.
Finally there are those showing you what they does, verifiable, certified, who do not make profits from “parallel” channels (banner, affiliations to brokers, fake signals, etc.). Like us.

You must learn to distinguish the “words” from the “facts.”
Please note that this does not mean that anyone selling books, courses or lessons are not meritorious. If there is a person behind doing things with quality, it is fair they have the ability to teach. But what’s helpful is that they give proof (fact data) of their professionalism.

We always ask ourselves, “if you offer a quality service, why not give the guarantee of satisfaction or refund? Why are you afraid of people requesting their money back?” If you really make money from trading, your sites, books or courses should interest you relatively. Because if you make more money with these services than with your trading… you have a problem.

Is there a free trial?

In the past there was. The problem was at the management level.
Many people after a 15-day trial did not receive enough trades to evaluate the service and requested more trial periods. Others were continuously subscribing with different names to avoid paying the service. And other similar problems.

The best solution that is working is: “Try the service, if you do not like it, request your money back.”

We are still thinking about a different procedure that could satisfy both sides, but it will take a few months to implement, yet no trial periods.

I'd like to try your Forex Signal service, but I work during the day, can I do it with a cell phone with email?

Generally yes. There have been rarely any problem.
Because we do not send trading signals to follow immediately, usually also after a few hours they are still valid.

You can find more details on the signals frequency on the page “How it Works” in “When and how signals reach” section.

How do I know if the results reported here are true?

This is a question we asked ourselves when we published reports in excel only. Now we publish monthly statements and MyFxBook.
Generally because the reports are public, our subscribers can check each month and compare with theirs. If they were not true, we would lose subscribers because the site “exists” by selling signs and would not make sense to lose subscribers stating falsehoods.

Why you did not publish official account statements until 2014?

Also this is a question we asked when we did not publish yet the account statements and just summaries in Excel.

It was mainly for two reasons:

First because we live from trading and not from this service and there was never the need to “convince” anyone. Try it and if you do not like it, request a refund.
The service was born spontaneously because it was requested. The site has been unpolished and amateur for more than two years.

Second, as we explained we did not use a single strategy, but a cross-platform. Therefore it is not possible to give a single statement, we publish more than one, specifying on each one which operation was shared, which not and why (it is a cumulative work). And then relate in proportion gains and losses percentage, as each platform has different amounts of capital, among other things.
Since December 2014 we are trying to do it, in the monthly reports you will see the account statements.

Why if you gain so much with trading you invest time to create and sell this service?

Legitimate question.

For various reasons, the main ones are 3:
1) To have additional income that prevent us to withdraw money from trading accounts for our expenses, allowing those to grow.
Many people think we make millions of euros a month, and it is not true.
If you make 5% per month with a capital of €200,000 it is €10,000 per month, and to have an extra income on other services by €3000-5000 is nothing bad.
2) Since we started sharing our operations (in 2012) the performance has always improved, so it helps us to be more disciplined.
3) We like to give a right path to someone who is exposed to this world full of “empty services” and that such “empty services” will disappear so to improve our reader’s general culture. We will share soon an (free) ebook with secrets to understand the quality of a service and advice to avoid losing money.

If I take a course about one strategy, will you send me free signals for 60 days?

Yes. You will have between 60 and 90 days of free signals (based on availability of your trader and the difficulty of the strategy).

Also, direct contact via Skype (chat) with the trader who gave you the course for 180 days.
The goal is that people make money!

The course is “theory”, 90 successive days of receiving signals to compare what you do with what we do (it is the real coaching, what subscribers need in order to trade). And during 180 days of assistance via chat, they are guaranteed we do not leave them alone.

Why gains have been lowering from 2012 to 2014?

In 2013 the profits declined because we splitted in half the risk percentage for each transaction, from 1% to 0.5% on average. But in relative performance they are very similar. In 2014 we have returned to 2012 levels, it is true, considering that the risk of the operation in 2012 was 2% average and in 2014 it was 1.5-2%.

Why I can not ask these questions directly to a trader?

Because they are traders and not customer representatives.
Each task must be respected to allow each person to do their job well.
If you need more information you should follow these 3 steps:
1) Read the informative pages and this FAQ page with a summary of the questions that visitors have asked in 3 years.
2) If a new question is not answered here, you can contact customer service and they will communicate it to the trader. The most repetitive questions will be published on this page.
3) If the question is personal and does not get satisfactory answers on the site or by email with customer service, then you can ask for a private lesson with a trader.
You can have direct contact by email with your reference trader being a Forex signals or other services subscriber (lessons, courses or managed accounts). Always in case you do not have the answers to the questions that are already on the site.


The Satisfaction or Refund guarantee is valid for all subscriptions or just for the signals?

Absolutely. Any monthly, quarterly or annual subscription is covered by the guarantee Satisfaction or Refund. For more information you can read the Terms of Service.

The Satisfaction or Refund guarantee is valid for all payment methods or just PayPal?

It is valid for any payment method: Paypal, wire or money order.

What services are covered by the guarantee Satisfaction or Refund?

All Segnaliforex.net services are covered by the guarantee Satisfaction or Refund: Forex Signals service, private lessons and courses.

The only service that cannot be refunded is the managed accounts service.

Will my personal information be disclosed to third parties?

Not at all, Segnaliforex.net, traders nor staff won’t disclose your personal data.

As already mentioned, this site must “exist” with the services it sells. It is not shared, nor has external support nor advertising and there is no newsletter.
From our point of view, it is the only way to maintain a service with good quality.

Besides the fact that obviously we know well how annoying it can be to receive communications from third parties who we don’t know or ongoing publicity.

We provide information and “clean” services.


An Invoice will be Issued Regularly?

Yes, Segnaliforex.net issues a valid invoice for each service.

Payments are automatic?

You can choose to purchase the service with the payment method you prefer. And if you choose a subscription with automatic renewal you can deactivate the profile from your Paypal at any time.

How long does it take for the forex signal service to be activated?

We strive to confirm you the proof of payment within 12-24 business hours.

The account creation and service activation may take up to 24-48 business hours.

The start of the subscription is calculated from the effective activation of the service and not the date of payment.