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How It Works


How to Get Started

1) First select a subscription. We recommend you to read the tips at the end of the  subscription page to decide a subscription that best fits your needs.

2) Use a demo account (is strongly recommended to start to follow any new service in demo trading accounts, to understand their capabilities and prevent errors)
Be sure the Broker allow the use micro-lots, the demo does not have a deadline and they have phone or instant chat. Better yet if they have the metatrader4 trading platform (the simplest and most used in the world, to start)
We do not recommend brokers because we are not associated with any of them. That’s why you will find general indications; any broker that follows these requirements is good to start. Bestforexsignals.net has an interest in keeping the site clean of associations and/or advertising.

3) Once you’re subscribed you will  receive a guide with the first steps. Read the pages that we recommend to our new subscribers: the differences between direct and pending orders and how to enter them, manage money management, calculate lots, study the difference between the trading signals and the strategies that we will send you and much more to help you learn the basics of trading and follow our signals perfectly.

4) Get ready to receive the trading signals by email, blog or sms.

Where do I receive the trading signals

Getting our forex signals is very simple.

The simplest and most used method is to link your email to your cellphone so that we can alert you in real time of the arrival of a new signal.
Today nearly all cells allow this, as an alternative we will explain how to receive by SMS the Gmail emails on your cell.

We remind you that we do not do fast nor many trades (scalping or similar), and that it can even be compatible the service with your work.
If you have any issue, you can write to customer service and we will tell you the essential strategies to follow and which to ignore to have a performance as close as possible to our, following less signals.

When and how many signals arrive

Le The estimate of how many forex trading signals can be sent can only be determined looking at previous monthly reports.
It is not possible to have an exact number of signals for the next month because it depends on the market possibilities related to the strategies we use at that time of the year.

We can however say that historically we have almost never gotten less than 6-8 monthly signals and seldom had more than 15-20. Therefore you can expect 2-4 signals per week on average.

Otherwise the time is usually repeated. Because we use 3 types of strategies:

– In the 4 hour charts (you could receive signals at 7:00am, 11:00am, 3:00pm, 7:00pm and 11:00pm approx)
Please note that this does not mean that you will receive signals at these times, but the two strategies in the 4 hour charts we use (the ones sending 3-6 signals on average per month) if there are trading signals, you should receive them at these times.

– In the daily and weekly charts
This is very simple because the signals arrive at night or the next morning, but being longer period charts they are not urgent, they usually remain pending for several hours or days. Even if you see them at night or the next morning they are still valid for entry.

– by the news
They are the only signs (usually 3-6 per month) for which speed is needed. They can be received in the morning, afternoon or evening.
However they arrive early at the beginning of the month, so you will have an always updated page indicating day and time you get the signal, so you can get organized.

Input on the platform

This is also very simple. Our forex signals are replicated in any trading platform.
Because you always get the five pieces of information you need to enter the signal on any platform you have.

You will get all signals with clear indications:

– Cross / Pair  (Eur/Usd, Eur/Gbp, Gbp/Usd, ecc..)
– Type of Signal (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit or Direct Buy or Sell Orders at Market))
– Trade price
– Stop Loss Price (protection)
– Profit Target Price

This information will be always provided; whatever your broker may be, with this information you can follow any trading signal.

Here you can see an example of the world’s most famous platform, the Metatrader 4:

First select the Cross/Pair


Second, choose the volume (lots), we will show you how to calculate them for each order and we will communicate our risk percentage on each trade


Third: select the type of order (in this case the example is a pending order)


Finally enter the price, stop and profit


If you are capable of doing this you are able to follow our signals.

How do I receive the updates

Any signal that you receive has three possible consequences:

1) profit

2) loss

3) is modified or updated (before or after activation)

Remember that any changes should be communicated from us, do not modify the order otherwise you won’t be in line with our performance.

You will always receive by email all updates. If there is no communication, the order must be left intact. If there is anything to change, we will tell you.

Examples of Trading Signals

There are two possible ways to tell you about the arrival of a new signal (in both cases you will receive an email alert).

The first case is a very simple signal to indicate only the essential data (cross, order type and price/stop/gain).
These are semi-automatic and repetitive strategies, we do not give an explanation for each signal, the strategy is explained in the blog or at conferences.

The second case, however, is a technical analysis signal, this is discretionary and with the signals you receive you also get the comments, thoughts and considerations behind the analysis.
Let’s see an example of the possibilities:




As you can see it is only explained the type of order (Sell Stop), Cross (EUR/NZD), the price, stop and gain.

(you will have other indications on how to follow the signs with your subscription, we remind you that this information is introductory only)

SECOND CASEesempio-ordine-analisi-tecnica

Here you can find articles with explanations of the Technical Analysis trades.
They are visible only to subscribers, you will see only the first part.
The second part of the article shows entry price levels, the true and accurate signal
And so:

As you see in this case there are the same indications as always, with the added explanation and charts.

Risk and Money Management

We left this for the end, but it is actually the most important thing.

We will teach you something that is rarely taught.
It is probably one of the reasons why people rarely make profits.
That is, not only the type of order, entry level, stop and profit, but with how many lots you should go and how much should you risk on each trade to get the maximum monthly risk you decided to have and what percentage of success you can have and how much money you can make monthly.

Risk control is even more important than the potential profit forecast.
You must know exactly how much you want to risk for what you want to get and if the risk is suitable for you for what you can get or little or too much. For this you must know how much you should risk in euros on each trade and how much you can make in euros.
If you don’t have this data clear, step back, otherwise it is gambling and not trading.

You must always have in mind what could happen to your moneyThe first goal in investing is to not lose money or know how much you are risking.

Remember the difference between a poor and a rich person is that the poor is afraid to take risks, while the rich is interested in understanding and managing risk.