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Statements & MyFxBook

Official Statements & MyFxBook
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In recent years it has been increasingly requested to show the official documents and with good reason.
Until November 2014 we published a report in Excel mainly for two reasons, firstly because the service was born spontaneously (it was required) and was not scheduled an initiative of “conviction” with official statements; and secondly because we use different strategies in many accounts, and to publish reports from brokers with more accounts makes the “global vision” difficult for the performance of all strategies, also because not all trades are shared.

However, now the service is becoming more professional and we are looking for solutions to make it more open.

You will find here some of our accounts, some companies that we follow and even from subscribers to signals kindly offered by them for sharing, and also the second part of the reports from MyFxBook site.

What you see here are the OFFICIAL STATEMENTS, THEY ARE NOT BACKTEST. They are real people’s accounts or real company’s accounts. Only the account number and the name of the holder have been hidden for privacy, as well as the income levels darkened (in some cases) and number of trades in order to protect the strategy.

More information is available for subscribers on pages Premium where we have included the detailed reports for each trade and strategy (comprising 5-10 years of backtest and 2-4 years of work in demo or real) for almost all shared strategies.

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What are Statements?

They are the “statements” of the Broker.
They are Official reports have since created automatically by the broker or trading platform.
You can find the complete and detailed list of all transactions on the account.

For privacy is hidden the name of the account holder.
For protection of the strategies it is possible that in some cases may be obscured also, in part, the input levels.

This is one of our accounts: + €18.800 in 3 months! +50%!
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Another of our accounts: + €28.300 in 3 months! +30%!
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Two companies we give advise to:

(When we just started in 2014, just look at the current MyFxBook)

Company 1: + €2,700 in 5 months! +5%!

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Company 2: + €3,000 in 6 months! +7%!

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Six Forex Signals subscribers (we thank them for sharing):

Subscriber 1: + €3,300 in 5 months! +50%!

(now the balance is zero because all funds have been withdrawn, at the beginning the capital was almost €6,000)
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Subscriber 2: +10% in 8 months!

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Subscriber 3: +10% in 10 months!

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Subscriber 4: + €729 the first month! +20%!

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Iscritto 5: +1900€ in un mese e mezzo! +60%!

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Subscriber 6: + 600€ in one month! +20%!

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An interesting story from one of our subscribers:
FIRST (endless attempts with strategies, courses and other signals builders)

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AFTER (with us) + €400 in 3 months! +80%!

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What is MyFxBook?

Myfxbook.com is one of the most famous sites in the world that allows to automatically publish on an “account statement” directly online by connecting to your trading platform.
It is an extra guarantee of the performance of each platform.

We will publish more and more reports and other vehicles on this site as we go forward. We are organizing platforms so that each has a single strategy to show the Myfxbook.com reports corresponding to our statements and signals sent to subscribers.

The first “satellite” account in MyFxBook on 2014: +26% in 5 months!

2° conto nostro - satellite

Our new accounts linked to MyFxBook in 2015

nuovo conto nostro +91perc in 3 mesi2

nuova strategia +86perc in 3 mesi2

nuova strategia +16perc in 3 mesi

New shared strategies on MyFxBook in 2015

nuove strategie mfxbook

Private Managed Accounts and Company Management

nuovo conto gestito +71perc in tre mesi

nuovo conto gestito +50perc in due mesi

Nuova Società iscritta ai segnali +35perc in un mese

Other signals subscribers



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IMPORTANT: Any performance listed on this page should not be taken as a promise of future earnings or as a forecast.
Particularly high profits as of 20% or 60% or so in a month are understood as high-risk investments, the account holder decides to have a very high percentage of risk bringing the performance to high levels, but this is not recommended for high amounts of capital or money needed for first necessity.

Please keep in mind that the proper performance is the one we publish on the monthly reports.